Together against COVID-19


Together against COVID-19

Hospitality and safety stand central and we do everything we can to offer you a pleasant stay.

We take maximum precautions in our Hotel by applying recommendations of health experts and the WHO. We have informed all our staff in detail on essential preparatory and prevention measures. We gave our staff specific guidelines and extensive cleaning and hygiene measures are taken every day. This way we aim to provide a safe and clean environment for our guests and employees.

We have put together some "house rules" to guarantee the safety of both our staff and guests.

Our house rules

1,5 meter distance
Keep 1,5 meter distance, always and everywhere, of other guests and our colleagues.

Mask Obligatory 

Please always wear a mask inside the hotel. (except in you room and at your table) 

Stay home when you have symptoms
Do you have a cold or other flu symptoms? Please stay at home. When we think that you might be showing symptoms, we can decide to not let you enter the hotel.

At every entrance of the hotel there is a disinfection point. When entering the hotel first disinfect your hands and, where and if possible, your luggage. All areas are being disinfected frequently.

We also ask that you always disinfect your hands when using the lift. 

Our lobby policy
We kindly ask you to enter the lobby only for check-in, check-out, when using the bar and during breakfast. Also then the 1,5 meter rule applies. Do you have any questions? Just dial number ‘501’ on the phone or send us an email. Our colleagues are happy to help!

Prevent congregation
In addition to the 1,5 meter rule we ask you to prevent all forms of congregation.

Stay fit and take the stairs
When and if possible , always take the stairs instead of the elevator. Only if you are healthy and fit enough to do so of course! 

A different kind of breakfast
We offer you a delicious breakfast in the form of a breakfast basket. You can have breakfast in our breakfast area or on our terrace. Please let us know your choice before 22h. 

Cleaned = Sealed 
Your room will be completely disinfected during cleaning. After this procedure, no one will enter your room more than you. This is for your safety and that of our staff. 

Laundry and linen are professionally cleaned and disinfected with the approved and safe agent Peracid Forte.

Pay without contact
Pay preferably contactless

Everyday we are taking all precautions to ensure you'll have a completely safe, carefree and enjoyable stay. Of course hygiene throughout the entire hotel is now more than ever our number one priority.

On our webpage with focus on COVID-19. You can find more and more detailed information about the measures we have taken and the guidelines we follow.